Tom Maupin
Tom Maupin and Neil Mecaskey
Tom Maupin and Neil Mecaskey

Tom Maupin and Neil Mecaskey. Two Travelers, Living Their Passions.

Passion, bravado, triumph, rewarding experience and exploration, as the world got smaller.

Beginning in the late 50’s, Tom Maupin and Neil Mecaskey were the first to take American travelers behind the Iron Curtain. According to reports, this was accomplished only after Tom Maupin slept on the floor of the Russian Embassy for 13 days, until the Russians were so sick of him they gave him visas for his group. Of course, despite their visas, the group was met on the tarmac in Czechoslovakia by armed soldiers, and a literal stand-off occurred with Maupin planted in the doorway of the plane between guns and frightened Americans. He reportedly received a few rifle jabs but didn’t budge. Tensions eventually released, and the tour, and many afterwards, was a success. (click the title above for complete post)

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