James McCaffry

Inside, by James McCaffry, 1978

James McCaffry’s ‘Inside’ piece is a companion work to the 1976 Saul Steinberg New Yorker cover (shown below) that, facing west, provides a New Yorker’s view of the rest of the world.  Returning the gaze back to the east, McCaffry replies in kind, or more aptly – retorts – with a San Franciscan’s view.   As Las Vegas warranted a spot on Steinberg’s map, but San Francisco did not, McCaffry returned the favor, including Atlantic City and not the Big Apple in his view.  Maybe New York City lies somewhere behind the interestingly-shaped mountains?

Until his sudden death in May 2011 at age 56, James McCaffry had been a San Francisco resident since 1977 and had worked primarily as a graphic designer and photographer.  He created many album covers and other works for musicians.  In 1995, he took the last professional photographs of Grateful Dead guitarist/singer Jerry Garcia.

McCaffry’s professional website is www.jmcworld.net.

Based on the ‘Inside’ piece, James McCaffry surely had talent and wit.  Based on the rest of his prolific artistic output and testimony of great friends, he also had a zest and love for life, friends, family, animals, music and all art.  For a number of years prior to his death, he was the art director at the California-based animal protection organization, In Defense of Animals.  His friends there have posted a loving tribute to him here.

Friends have also dedicated a blog to his memory here.

Below is the infamous New Yorker cover, to which McCaffry replied.

New Yorker cover, 1976, Saul Steinberg

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  1. Steven Brasseur says:

    I’ve enjoyed “INSIDE “ in my house for several decades.

  2. admin says:

    It’s a classic!

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